Free Terms of Service Generator

I found a really neat terms of service generator for all the websites I have been creating.  Some larger entities will need some sort of terms of service and privacy policy depending on the type of content and this website is a great resource for using it. // Click here for the Generator

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Configuring sh404SEF to work with Virtuemart and ten other extensions.

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Displaying the current year in a copyright in Joomla

Labels: Dates and times, Templates If you are anything like me and maintain a few web sites, sometimes you forget to update the copyright year that you typically put in a footer module or embed in the template itself.  A tiny line of PHP code can fix this so you never have to worry about it again. [...]

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Free IDX for ARMLS

if your a realtor then you are probably already a member of the ARMLS. well to add a home search to your website then you just have to follow these simple instructions on how to put the code into your website. Of course a web designer should be able to do this with ease provided [...]

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Free Print Layouts

I found this website which had a great free print layouts you can download so you know dimensions for your print material you are creating.  I can’t always remember how big a certain type of flyer is and this makes for a great resource so I do not have to remember. check out their link [...]

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Free Music Players for your Website

When I am building websites I find that getting a music player for free can be a challenge. Especially one that has all the bells an whistles that you want. So I decided to put together a list of free music players that I found on the net while I was scouring it trying to [...]

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Blocking Facebook?

A principal in Ridgewood, New Jersey is waging all-out war against the popular social-networking service Facebook. Anthony Orsini, principal at Benjamin Franklin Middle School wants parent to pull his students off Facebook and MySpace. Orsini cited, among other things, cyber bullying, which occurs on most social networks. So what are parents to do? Is it [...]

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