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Free File Sharing

I thought I would share this link to a site I found useful for customers who need to transfer big files but dont want to spend a lot of money on a monthly service to do so. Enter free they provide a monthly service or a free service with limited storage, but if your not transferring things often i suggest you go this route.  Another option is to use Filezilla if you own a webhost, and just zip up the content and add it to your website. then give whoever needs it the link to that zip file. This way your webhost can also double as a file transferring service with no added cost to you.

here is the link to

here is the link to filezilla (you will need to know your FTP username and password as well as your hosting IP which you can find under your webhosting control panel. Filezilla is also a free FTP file transfer program.

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Free Terms of Service Generator

I found a really neat terms of service generator for all the websites I have been creating.  Some larger entities will need some sort of terms of service and privacy policy depending on the type of content and this website is a great resource for using it. // Click here for the Generator

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Free IDX for ARMLS

if your a realtor then you are probably already a member of the ARMLS. well to add a home search to your website then you just have to follow these simple instructions on how to put the code into your website. Of course a web designer should be able to do this with ease provided [...]

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Free Print Layouts

I found this website which had a great free print layouts you can download so you know dimensions for your print material you are creating.  I can’t always remember how big a certain type of flyer is and this makes for a great resource so I do not have to remember. check out their link [...]

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