Configuring sh404SEF to work with Virtuemart and ten other extensions.

By TJ • on September 30, 2010 • Filed under: Joomla, Website Design

Another day off for my non-tech readers. :) Your welcome.

Virtuemart, a plug-in for Joomla, is an easy way to set-up an online store. sh404SEF lets you make the URLs human readable. Put the two together and you have a really great store, catalog, or photo gallery. Well, it is easy if you know what you are doing anyway. Until today, I did not. The good news is that you are about to know too. It is easy. You are just a click away.

Note: This same process also works for Community Builder, Fireboard, Docman, Remository, Letterman, MyBlog, Mosets, SMF bridge, iJoomla Magazine, and News Portal, but I will talk about Virtuemart since that is the one I needed. It also gives you a lot of other options to make sh404SEF work better. If you are having any trouble with sh404SEF start here first.

sh404SEF has a lot of options to customize the format of your URL, but most of these options are hidden by default. Here is a very simple trick to open all the options. This is based on Joomla 1.0.x but I would be surprised if 1.5.x was exactly the same.

Click on Components and then sh404SEF. This will take you to the main administrator control panel for sh404SEF. From here you could click on “sh404SEF Configuration” but it will only give you limited options. Instead click on the “Click here to switch to extended display (with all available parameters)” link on the right.

Clicking on this will give you extra options on the control panel, but it also changes the configuration page. Of course, it gives no indication that it has changed the configuration page, so I had no clue. Fortunately, right after I clicked on the link, Robb at GeekEpic replied to a comment I had left on his blog and suggested I check out an option on the configuration page. I was pretty sure I had not seen the option he was suggesting, but trying to be as humble as possible, I decided to check before replying and telling him the option was not there.

And… Wow! Right there, plain as day, was the option I was looking for. I was, of course, a bit baffled at first. Then I remembered I had clicked that mystery link on the other page (I guess I picked the red pill). I went back and clicked the link to switch to standard view and all the cool options on the config page were gone.

Moral of the story stay humble and curious. Keep clicking until you find the answer.

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